Check-in Real Estate was created with faith & respect, for a future built with modern ideas based on customer service who wish to sell or buy a property, for private, professional investment purposes. The company's real estate brokers' knowledge, along with the use of latest technological tools, has resulted in a number of innovative services, all of which are abundantly provided, using the most efficient approaches. Meanwhile, specialized partners analyze the project's financial viability with the client and assist them in the formulation of a financial plan and the research for investment opportunities. The company’s ambition is to respond to market demands with speed, professionalism, privacy, trustworthiness, and adaptability. Check-in Real estate is using innovative in real estate promotion and management, with the expertise and desire to improve the way their market operates.

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Your Vacation Rental Property, our business! 

Our commitment is to promote your vacation rental property at the right price, at the right time and with the right means, while at the same time offering each of your guests a unique experience.  


·  Investment Consulting Market Analysis & Revenue Forecast  


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· Specialized Distribution Channel Occupancy / Revenue Optimization | Off Season Reservations


·   Strategic Planning & Brand Identity Vision | Mission | Objectives | Values | Logo | Digital Presence

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Our constant training and certification, maintain the exceptional quality of the services we provide. From averting a threat to restoring the damage caused by one, we'll be there for you. We collaborate with you to thoroughly assess your actual risks, conduct the market research and design a comprehensive coverage package to fully cover them. We detect the risk and transfer it to trustworthy, high-solvency companies so that you feel and are truly safe.

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Check in Real Estate is able to meet the expectations of its clients (professionals or private investors) in the field of construction and renovation of properties, for the study and completion of any structural project with a specialized group of professionals.

Our associates, Architects, Civil Engineers, Interior Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Foremen are experts with many years of experience and acclaimed presence in the field of constructions.


•  Topographic surveys of plots and land plots are among the services provided.

•  Architectural and mechanical study of urban planning and application.

• Study of urban planning and application from an architectural and mechanical perspective.

•   Permit for building structure.

• Development of a project budget for funding, construction, and management in accordance with a work schedule, with the owner's consent.

•  Project management and  development.

+(30) 28210 99874